BYOC to BentoCloud: Privacy, Flexibility, and Cost Efficiency in One Package

September 28, 2023 • Written By Sean Sheng, Sherlock Xu

Today, we are thrilled to introduce BentoCloud’s Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) offering! With BYOC, you can seamlessly run BentoCloud services within your own cloud environment, ensuring that all computational and storage infrastructure remains directly under your control.

Currently, BentoCloud provides two plans - Starter and Enterprise. Our Starter plan caters to smaller development teams, letting them create AI applications without the fuss of infrastructure management – all conveniently hosted on our own cloud. In contrast, the Enterprise offers unlimited seats and Bento Deployments with better flexibility in infrastructure deployment. Specifically, the BYOC option of the Enterprise plan allows companies to deploy workloads directly in their own cloud accounts, thus enabling them to leverage their cloud credits and discounts and stay closer to their data. This helps uphold stringent compliance requirements by providing better control over data residency and the option to fortify additional security measures.

How Does BYOC Work?

With BentoCloud's BYOC, you can seamlessly deploy AI applications on clusters in any of your cloud accounts, whether it's AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, from the BentoCloud Console or SDK.

BentoCloud BYOC Architecture


To create cloud resources required by BentoCloud operators in your account, we ask for your permission to run our infrastructure-as-code automation, which will create resources like Kubernetes clusters (EKS, GKE), object storage (S3, Cloud Storage), and key value stores (InMemory Database, Memory Store).

Once everything is in place, developers can easily deploy Bentos via the BentoCloud Console or CLI. Behind the scenes, the BentoCloud Control Plane interacts with remote operators in your clusters. These operators are responsible for creating and managing Bento Deployments according to the configurations defined. The BentoCloud Console syncs the states with your clusters through the operators and update status in real-time.


BentoCloud's BYOC approach empowers you with greater autonomy over your data infrastructure, catering to critical requirements in privacy, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Let's delve deeper into the advantages you can harness with this solution.

Data Privacy

In an age where generative AI, such as large language models (LLMs), is revolutionizing industries, protecting your data from being used to train LLMs becomes paramount. BentoCloud’s BYOC ensures that your data will stay within your Virtual Private Cloud guaranteeing that your sensitive data will never leave your network boundaries.

Cost Efficiency

BYOC brings compute close to your data, effectively reducing the hefty egress charges that arise when transferring data out of your cloud zone, region, or provider. For businesses that process vast volumes of data on a regular basis, executing model inference within your cloud environment can lead to substantial cost savings.

Credits and Discount

If you're involved with a startup or an incubator program, you likely qualify for cloud credits and discount from leading cloud service providers. To maximize the benefit of these credits and discount, you must build an infrastructure that integrates with all these providers. BentoCloud BYOC automatically generates cloud resources with your permissions and install operators for the different providers, offering you a consistent interface to manage deployments across all cloud platform.

GPU Availability

For AI applications, GPUs are both a necessity and a rarity. With BentoCloud’s BYOC, you can select the cloud provider with the most abundant and optimal GPU resources for your use case. Moreover, given the cost associated with GPUs, you can choose a provider that offers the most attractive pricing or discounts, further ensuring cost efficiency.

No Vendor Lock-In

BentoCloud's architecture is built upon standard non-proprietary cloud utilities, ensuring compatibility with all general-purpose cloud providers. This design ensures that your infrastructure stays independent from any specific cloud vendor, granting you the liberty to adapt, switch, or expand your cloud strategy as your needs evolve. Such adaptability not only secures your operations for the future but also ensures you aren't tethered to a single provider's ecosystem.


At BentoML, we work to empower every organization to compete and succeed with AI applications. We believe this mission transcends merely offering streamlined workflows and an extensive ecosystem of tools. We champion customer data privacy and cloud saving strategies. That’s why we launch the BYOC plan, placing the power of choice directly in your hands.

Getting Started

As a part of the Enterprise plan, BentoCloud’s BYOC deployment option is available to both new and existing customers. You can choose to deploy it on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and more cloud platforms. If you are interested in the plan, visit the BentoCloud website or contact us.